Need Insurance?


  1. Creating an estate. 

Life insurance policies provide a death benefit.  Using life insurance, you may be able to leave your children an inheritance even in the event that long term care costs wipe out your assets.

  1. College funding.  

Some permanent life insurance policies make great savings vehicles for college education.  If you pass away, the proceeds can be used to cover their college education expenses.

  1. Replace income. 

Make sure your spouse and dependents do not experience a dramatic change in lifestyle due to the loss of income you provide to your family.  That's one important value of the death benefit from life insurance.

  1. Special needs children.  

Leave money to a trust to supplement a special needs child without affecting their federal or state welfare benefits.  Always consult with an estate planning attorney in addition to your insurance agent when utilizing this strategy.

  1. Pay estate taxes. 

Provide liquidity through the death benefit to pay estate taxes and other estate bills so that heirs are not forced to sell real estate at unfavorable prices or terms.


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